My new Puppet Test environment by Vagrant

I did a very basic Vagrant test environment based on Puppet 3.x and VirtualBox 5.
My purpose is create an environment to test Puppet modules on different OS flavours without implementing a Puppet Master server.
Using Vagrant, I can create from scratch VMs provisioning by Puppet just run a command. Moreover I can destroy & recreate them in few seconds!

Take a look on my vagrant-test-env github repo. It contains a short tutorial and some codes.

Vim as a Python IDE

Are you looking for the best Python IDE ?

From my point of view Vim is the best IDE, but you need to configure it properly to have debug, auto-indent &auto-completion features on it.

Martin Brochhaus at PyCon Asia Pacific 2012 Conference talk about use Vim as Python IDE using some cool plugins.

This is the code on Github:

GitHub vim-as-a-python-ide

You can also find the slides as a PDF in this repository and, above all, download the .vimrc file .

Another valuable link about customize Vim and install plugin is: How I boosted my vim