dmesg using human readable output format

dmesg – print or control the kernel ring buffer

dmesg output drives me crazy due to the timestamp. A lot of times I said: “there must be a way to human readable date !!!”  and now it is:

# dmesg -T

No vars and conversions, just a simple option !!

Unfortunately this option doesn’t work on old dmesg releases. On Ubuntu 12.10 (utili-linux v2.20), it works, no way for Red Hat 6 .

Fedora 19 (util-linux 2.23) can do better using color output and pager by the following option:

# dmesg -H

If  -T and -H option are not available, you can use the follow script:

# dmesg | awk -F ] '{"cat /proc/uptime | cut -d \" \" -f 1" | getline st;a=substr( $1,2, length($1) - 1);print strftime("%F %H:%M:%S %Z",systime()-st+a)" -> "$0}' | more


Linux commands in a nutshell

writing down a series of posts about GNU Linux one of the main purposes of this blog.
In these posts we are going to review some Linux commands with practical examples.This is not a complete but it’s a compact list of commands to refer when needed.These posts are not a linux training or a complete guide: you can use manpages for that (aka RTFM)The goal is share information about GNU Linux commands , improve my knowledge and use this website to cut & paste commands that I’m not able to remember 🙂

Bug fixes, suggestions and feedbacks are welcome as usual !

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dmesg using human readable output format

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