My new Puppet Test environment by Vagrant

I did a very basic Vagrant test environment based on Puppet 3.x and VirtualBox 5.
My purpose is create an environment to test Puppet modules on different OS flavours without implementing a Puppet Master server.
Using Vagrant, I can create from scratch VMs provisioning by Puppet just run a command. Moreover I can destroy & recreate them in few seconds!

Take a look on my vagrant-test-env github repo. It contains a short tutorial and some codes.

RoR: How to test a confirm dialog with Capybara?

Capybara is a great Gem about integration tests in Ruby on Rail. It simulates how a real user would interact with your application by the browser.
This post explains how to face the javascript confirmation pop up windows (“Are you sure?”).
Seems like there is no way to handle it in Capybara but, If you’re using a drivers that supports JavaScript as Selenium, the best solution is override the confirm method to always return true.

page.evaluate_script('window.confirm = function() { return true; }')'Destroy')